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Our History

Jeweller Solutions was started by Mark Dynes in 2004.  It was in the late 90’s that Mark first realised that most retail jewellers wanted a service they could rely on at a competitive price. 

Using a modern and studied approach utilised in more advanced industries such as the automotive and large logistical operations, Mark adopted a strict and consistent quality process which tackled the many varied hurdles and adaptations that the jewellery industry throws up.  As there is always the added responsibilities of trust and sentimentality that goes with each piece of jewellery, (which is not as important in the afor mentioned industries) it was obvious that this was to be no easy task.

A lot of convincing and mindset changing later, Jeweller Solutions leads from the front, setting standards along the way, assuring its customers of a highly consistent service which is upheld by dedicated and enthusiastic employees who are proud to be the best at all times.

Who we are now

Jeweller Solutions is a successful Jewellery Repair business with a difference; it not only offers a full 360 degree repair service across all areas of repairs, but offers one of the UK’s most refined quality control processes



Jeweller Solutions has developed a client base of some of the largest national jewellery resellers in the UK and Europe and has developed a reputation of quality through driving detailed, product led processes and tight quality controls, whilst not compromising the timescales for delivery. 

What the Future holds

Jeweller Solutions is always looking to invite change and adaptation within its industry and is looking forward to assisting many more retail jewellers in its endless pursuit of increased service and quality.